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Hap Palmer

I’m thrilled to tell you about a wonderful educational resource for families and education professionals called BAM Radio Network.

Bam’s co-founder and renowned educator, Rae Pica, recently invited to be part of an interview on Bam with legendary music educator Hap Palmer. Hap is an innovator in the use of music and movement to teach skills and encourage the use of imagination for kids. His music has received numerous honors. Hap’s music was always a big part of my work as an elementary music educator years ago, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with him and the host of the show, Maryann Harmon!

Here’s a link to the show. I hope you enjoy it!


As they saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! The same is true for distance learning. It can take a lot of words to describe what a simple look “under the hood” will readily convey. Enter Berkleemusic Sample courses!

There are four sample courses currently available including Guitar Scales, Concert Touring, Music Theory 101, and Orchestration, and more coming soon.

To access Berkleemusic’s sample courses, click here.

Berklee Today, Berklee’s Alumni Magazine, just published a feature story by Julie Pampinella on Children’s Music.

Check it out here.

Berklee Today, Berklee’s Alumni Magazine, just published a feature story by Julie Pampinella on Children’s Music.

Check it out here.

Berklee Shares!

Oct 22 2008
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Berklee Shares is a wonderful educational resource filled with free music lessons based on Berklee’s curriculum. The lessons are in the form of videos, interactive PDFs, Flash activities, MP3s and more.

Since its debut in 2003, there have been hundreds of Berklee Shares lessons available to download and share. New lessons are constantly being added to this educational resource. Below is an example of just one of the many new lessons by Berklee Guitar Professor, Joe Musella.

Berklee Shares is an example of Berklee’s commitment to providing music education opportunities to the music community around the world.

Check out Berklee Shares at www.berkleeshares.com.

The CD cover for Beethoven's Wig 4.

Learning that’s fun is impactful and lasting. For years, Beethoven’s Wig has provided a fun path to learning about classical music for children.

Today, Beethoven’s Wig 4 was released and once again, it is where humor, classical music, and music education come together as one. And this time, to the delight of children and families everywhere, the collection is based on famous dance pieces.

The previous three Beethoven’s Wig CDs have won 40 national awards, and garnered Grammy® Award nominations in 2003, 2005 and 2007. The Sing Along Symphonies were featured on NBC’s Today show and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Beethoven’s Wig 4 is sure to follow similar acclaim… the music is wonderful, the lyrics are so clever, funny and inventive, and the cover art is incredible: Saturday Night Fever meets Beethoven… Great stuff! Beethoven’s Wig 4 is simply wonderful and should be part of every family’s music collection and every music educator’s classroom. Highly recommended.

Artists House Music is a wonderful, free educational resource containing a wealth of information and advice from music-industry experts and music educators. There are thousands of video interviews, articles, and timely blog posts available on the Artists House Music Web site, and the available content continues to grow.

Artists House Music just introduced a “channels” concept by of aggregating related-video content into a stand-alone player. The following is the Berklee Channel, featuring interviews with members of Berklee’s esteemed music education community including Berklee’s President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Faculty, Chairs, and Staff.

For more information, visit Artists House Music.

Berkleemusic was recently reviewed in Information Week’s article entitled “Learn To Play Guitar Online” by Ivan Schneider

According to the article, there seems to be more and more options available these days for online guitar instruction of varying formats and quality. However, there’s only one credited in Ivan’s article as the Professional Choice for high quality, college-level, accredited guitar study online: Berkleemusic.

Thanks, Ivan. I’m a huge fan of Berklee’s Continuing Education faculty, staff, and online courses and I couldn’t agree more!

With more than 14,000 unfulfilled music education positions in the United States today, there are lots of opportunities for aspiring music educators.

Non-conventional career opportunities beyond the classroom also abound. They include starting a private teaching practice; licensing a music education franchise like Music Together or Kindermusik, writing and arranging instrumental or choral music; authoring music education methods and materials for music education publishers; writing articles on new approaches to music education; writing reviews in trade publications for new products and services in the field; serving on music industry boards to forge innovative partnerships; presenting sessions at State and National music education conferences; consulting and advising for music industry manufacturers and publishers who develop music education products but are removed from the daily classroom experience; and the list goes on.

The late Sandy Feldstein, CEO of PlayinTime Productions and a well-known luminary in the field of music education, shared his thoughts on opportunities available to aspiring music educators in this interview filmed in August of 2006.

As Andrew Surmani, Vice President of Alfred Publishing explained in his interview with Artists House Music, there are many kinds of positions a music educator could fill at his company including sales, marketing, finance, production, editorial, and licensing. Click here for Andrew’s interview.

Music educators are skilled, resourceful and very effective communicators. These traits combined with a strong foundation in music and music education is a powerful set of attributes that will open the door to many career opportunities along the way. Be open to these opportunities—in the classroom or beyond—as trained music educator, you have the skills to succeed!

Music Mentors

Mar 24 2008

2008 TED Prize winner and renowned author, Dave Eggers has found a way to make a difference for kids in public schools. His 826 Valencia tutoring center has inspired others around the world to open their own volunteer-driven, creative writing labs.

Watching this clip, I couldn’t help but think this same volunteer and mentoring approach can be applied to public school music programs in need of advocacy and support. If your local school music programs are struggling and you’d like to find a way to help, this video clip is sure to inspire some exciting ideas.

Please share your thoughts on how this approach could work for music and the arts.