Berklee Shares!

Oct 22 2008
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Berklee Shares is a wonderful educational resource filled with free music lessons based on Berklee’s curriculum. The lessons are in the form of videos, interactive PDFs, Flash activities, MP3s and more.

Since its debut in 2003, there have been hundreds of Berklee Shares lessons available to download and share. New lessons are constantly being added to this educational resource. Below is an example of just one of the many new lessons by Berklee Guitar Professor, Joe Musella.

Berklee Shares is an example of Berklee’s commitment to providing music education opportunities to the music community around the world.

Check out Berklee Shares at

Berkleemusic was recently reviewed in Information Week’s article entitled “Learn To Play Guitar Online” by Ivan Schneider

According to the article, there seems to be more and more options available these days for online guitar instruction of varying formats and quality. However, there’s only one credited in Ivan’s article as the Professional Choice for high quality, college-level, accredited guitar study online: Berkleemusic.

Thanks, Ivan. I’m a huge fan of Berklee’s Continuing Education faculty, staff, and online courses and I couldn’t agree more!

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Professors are the latest YouTube stars. Several colleges have set up official You Tube “channels.” The University of California at Berkeley was the first, and many others soon followed.

Berkleemusic has a channel on YouTube with more than 75 music lesson in rock and jazz guitar, producing music with Pro Tools and Ableton Live, music publishing lessons, piano instruction, and more. Here’s an example from an online course in Blues Guitar by professor Mike Williams.

Another resource for instructional videos where Berklee and music industry luminaries are represented is Artists House Music. This robust, free resource boasts thousands of educational video clips from all aspects of the music industry. Here’s an example with five-time Grammy winner, Glen Ballard, talking about becoming a producer, songwriter, and arranger.

Lifelong learning is the key to any successful career path. Tap into these video-based educational resources to further pursue yours.

This is a great comic-relief skit for anyone who has ever written, learned from, or taught from of an “easy-to-play” music instrument method book. It’s a very funny routine and the musical cast is not to be believed! (Mark Knopfler, Adrian Belew, and many others) Enjoy!

Of course, if Guitar or Bass lessons are what you are after, Berklee has just what you need. Check out these instructor-led online guitar courses and online bass courses from, Berklee’s online continuing education division. Study with Berklee faculty right from home. It certainly beats the method-book alternative!