Exciting news!

Debbie and Friends has a song on an album that was nominated for a 2011 Grammy Award in the Children’s Music Category! “Walk Away” is our song on the anti-bullying compilation called All About Bullies Big And Small. It is one of five nominees for Best Children’s Album this year! The winner will be announced at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony on Feb. 12.

Here’s the cartoon music video version of our song that is on the nominated CD.

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    Congratulations on the nomination and for your song on anti-bullying. I do plan on purchasing a copy of it. I do not believe that there is enough recognition that can be paid to artists like you who dedicate themselves to educating children through music.

    I will read more of your blogs to see if you discuss whether receiving a Grammy nomination was even one of your goals when you started performing children’s music. I wish you the best as you continue making music that children love and that the world needs.

    Uncle Devin

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