Happy Holidays!

I’m pleased to share a piano method booklet for children that I developed with my Grandfather, Marty Gold. Marty is a wonderful musician who has enjoyed an amazing career in music. In fact, he’s the reason I became a musician. Recently, he told me about a piano “tent” he created to help kids learn the names of notes on a music staff. The story goes that Nabisco was going to put one in every cereal box back in the 1950s, and then pulled the project for fear there were not enough pianos in US homes. We decided to do the project together and make it available to friends of “Debbie and Friends.”

The following widget has a download link for a free copy of the Learning to Play Piano book and piano tent PDF files. A printed version of the book will be available soon. In the meantime, please let me know how the tent and method book are for your children!

Special thanks to Robert Heath of Barkley Studios for designing the keyboard tent, Greg David of Planet Sunday for the cover art image, and Shawn Girsberger for the book layout and design. What a dream team!!!

And, for the adults out there interested in learning to play the piano, I highly recommend the Berklee Keyboard Method online. Classes start Jan. 8.

All the best,


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    [...] Learning to Play Piano – FREE Book for Kids | Music, Education, and Technology [...]

    The Free book for kids is good.

    [...] eBook designed to introduce young children to the piano keyboard and the concept of staff reading. Learning To Play The Piano is bright and appealing. The pages are never cluttered. Graphics and mnemonics are used to help [...]

    great job

    Hi Debbie! I hope you get this. (I tried once before to send you a message.) This book is great, and I’m using it with two of my youngest students.

    There’s one mistake you will want to correct, if you haven’t already done so. On page 12, in the song Hot Cross Buns, the last note Middle C is actually placed too low, where a A would belong.

    Thank you so much, Mary! We’re just about ready to go to print and had not caught that mistake! You are a dear. Thank you.
    I’m so happy you are using it with your youngest students! Thank you again! We should have printed copies in a couple of months.

    it’s great to hear from you! Stay in touch.

    All the best,


    I love your tent method. I’ll have to share that one. Great book!

    Thank you, Dave. I’m so glad you like it! A printed version of the book and tent will be available soon! Thank you again!

    I clicked on download, entered email address but nothing happened? How do I download the kids book?


    Hi Irina,

    Thank you for your message and your interest in my piano book for kids. There seems to be an issue with that download widget, as you found. I’m looking into fixing it. In the meantime, you can download the book’s PDF here.

    Thank you again.

    Where is the download. I see nothing. How do I get the download.

    Hi Tracy, It’s at the bottom of the post under the cartoon picture. It says “download the PDF.” I also sent you an email with a screen shot for another page with this download link. I hope you enjoy the book. – Debbie

    Hi Debbie,

    I have a 7 year old boy who would love to learn to play piano. Unfortunately I don’t have a computer there for I can’t print the PDF files. I read you posted that a printed copy of the book would be available. Being that this post is about a year old I was wondering if I could get the free printed book instead of the download. Is there anyway this can be possible?. Thank you in advance for your response.

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks very much for your message. The printed version of the book is available on my web site here:

    Thanks again.


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