As many of you know, I have a kids/family project called Debbie and Friends. One of the most rewarding aspects is interacting with our fan families and making them proactive contributors to our overall plans, including song and video production.

A recent example is “casting” the part of the fairy for our new song about Cinderella. We offered up half a dozen “fairy” characters for our fan families to weigh in on and we received more than 100 enthusiastic votes!


The Fairy Godfather won. We are having a great time working on his lines! The song and the cartoon are currently in production.

Here’s a “sneak preview” into the music and animation (currently in development) that we recently shared with our fan families via Facebook and our Kids’ Music blog.

Our fan families are always part of our new product development process from start to finish. This kind of engagement not only furthers our relationship, but also makes for a better product!

The final version will be released in December.

No matter the genre, fan engagement is important! What are some of the ways you involve your fans?

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    I loved seeing this sneak preview! It absolutely builds the anticipation for the finished product and I am looking forward to watching it all come together. Seeing this makes me feel like ‘I saw it when…’ and will make the finished product more special, as if I was involved in the creation of it.

    I think that giving the fans content, especially in the form of an early preview or via exclusive access, are great methods to connect to the fans and evoke their interest to come back. The content can be transmitted as viewable (streaming) or as a download in the case of music, a video, document, or images- but at the end of the day it is the product or service content that drives them.

    Other fun methods would be Contests, Polls, Decision Influence (Like your ‘Fairy Casting’), Exchange Giveaways, or User Generated Content Sharing, as well as, the increase of social media experiences with regards to your product or service. It always helps to find ways of rewarding fans with a ‘something for nothing’ (except a few minutes or content exchange) approach! :)

    Thanks for your post, Rochelle! What wonderful ideas! I look forward to giving some of them a try! Thank you again!


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