How does a brand new, unsigned artist get Amazon and CD Baby to stock up on a new release, and then immediately sell through by the dozens?

In addition to an integrated marketing plan that includes press, radio, and touring, good old-fashioned word-of-mouth is a marketing power-tool, especially when fueled by the reach of an email address list that contains trusting colleagues and friends.

Here’s an example word-of-mouth email that my brother sent to 100 of his colleagues and friends, upon the release of my children’s music CD
Debbie and Friends Story Songs and Sing Alongs:

“Pardon the bcc: email but I am compelled to share with you the best kid’s music CD in existence! Now I acknowledge I am biased and possess no musical talent – BUT I’ve listened to a ton of this stuff and no one has done it better than my sister Debbie with her most impressive newly released CD. Please consider buying it (via the below link) for your kids, friends, nieces/nephews, grandkids! It is great to give as birthday present or stocking stuffer! I’d appreciate it if you would forward this along to some others who might be interested! You can also click on the link at the very bottom to learn more about the remarkable musical career Debbie is in the midst of! Thank you!
Best regards, Bob”

As a result of this email, my Web site traffic, Amazon, and CD Baby orders went crazy for two solid weeks. The people who received my brother’s email message went on to buy and then recommended my CD to some of their friends, and the activity continues to flourish. One heartfelt email message written by my brother ignited a flurry of activity and helped to support other promotional efforts that were underway.

This word-of-mouth (email) approach has been replicated by other friends, neighbors, and family members who love the music and want to share it with their contacts. I’m more convinced than ever that word-of-mouth marketing works, whether promoting a new CD, a music program, or any endeavor you are passionate about. Enthusiasm is contagious and word-of-mouth (email) marketing works!

P.S. Thanks Bob!

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    I’ve had a CD out for a year or so, have it posted on songs for I have had a few sales. I have not been to a convention, and would really appreciate any advice. The songs deal with social skills, autism (title song “Would you be my Friend”) sun safety, fire safety and recycling. I would be happy to send you a copy and let me know what you think. My website is there are several comments on the message board and CD feed back. thank you Linda

    Hi Linda,

    I recommend Children’s Music marketing guru Regina Kelland. She has a business entitled “To Market Kids” where she advises/consults children’s musicians on marketing their music and navigating the children’s music industry.

    For me, Regina has made all the difference with my children’s music project and its visibility in the marketplace. She literally took my project from 0-100 in two months time! Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Regina Kelland should jump at the chance!

    Here’s her Web site.

    Good luck with your project and thank again for your post.


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